Open Order

The Open Order web service is a service for requesting materials that are either owned by the user's library or is not owned by the library (inter library loan). The policies for ordering materials are based on those used by, and are controlled by the agencies (libraries) in the VIP database.
Supported communication methods are SOAP, HTTP POST (XML-requests) and HTTP GET (URL-requests). Supported output formats are SOAP, XML, JSON and PHP.
The main operations when creating orders are checkOrderPolicy and placeOrder, as well as checkElectronicDelivery for checking the possibility of online delivery. checkOrderPolicy and placeOrder are introduced and exemplified below.
Furthermore the service also has a range of operations for manipulating existing orders in the ORS system: answer, shipped, resend, and updateOrder. See the WSDL for full details.
License Terms

Use of the web service requires subscription of a DanBib license (Netpunkt password).

For the operations answer, shipped and update order, the service also checks that the Netpoint library that is logging in has access to updating the orders as either requester-ID or responder-ID

The web service is published under the GPLv3 License.