Open Price Check

General description

Open Price Check aims to collect price information from several different suppliers.

Open Price Check allows a client (e.g. a library’s material selection system) to ask for pricing information for materials from different suppliers in a standardised format.

Links service and WSDL can be found at

Use of the service requires authentication.

Service Operations:

Open Price Check supports a single operation: PriceCheck.

For further documentation of its parameters, refer to WSDL and the associated XSD.

Price Enquiry Specification

The data format in the operation PriceCheck is based on “The Specification of Price Enquiry"

The type-definitions from pricequery.wsdl are placed in a separate xsd, which has been put together with openpricecheck.wsdl and openpricecheck.xsd as pricequery.xsd. Please note that the element elementFormDefault in the XSD has been changed to “qualified”.


Open Price Check presumes that suppliers have implemented a PriceQuery web service, based on “The Specification of Price Enquiry".

The supplier parameters in priceCheckRequest may be used to specify from which supplier (or suppliers) the price should be sought. If the parameter has not been set, all known suppliers will be asked.

License Terms

The web service is published under the GPLv3 license.