This section contains an overview of DBC web services. For each service there is a link to a list of available versions, including links to the WSDL and service endpoint. DBC web services are always to be called with a specific version number (eg.

Web service description

The interfaces of all DBC web services are published in WSDL v1.1. The parameters that a web service takes for each of its functions, are desribed in an XSD-file, which is located together with the WSDL. 


DBC web services can typically be accessed with SOAP/XML and also a REST-like URL-syntax. See the individual services for details.

Output formats

Supported types of output are described within the XSD for each web service. Most DBC web services provide SOAP output as default and optionally XML, JSON and PHP-objects. For most services the desired output-format can be set with parameter outputType. Default output format for SOAP and URL-requests is SOAP, and XML for XML-requests.

Source code

You can browse the source code of the web services from here.

Mailing list

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