General description

VoxB is a service designed to collect user generated data such as reviews, ratings and tags in a central database. For instance a review of a book created with VoxB a a local library website will also be shown in connection with the book on other library websites (both local and national) that have implemented VoxB.

Service users may also declare their own local data types.

How to use the service

The web service may be implemented in two ways:

  • Direct integration, where the web service is integrated directly into the interface
  • Simple integration, whereby one is linked to Statsbibliotekets interface solution.

Supported communication methods are SOAP and HTTP POST (XML-requests). Supported output formats are SOAP, XML, JSON and PHP.

The webservice has operations for creating and handling users; creating, finding, editing, updating and deleting data (reviews, tags etc.); as well as a moderator interface (reportOffensiveContent). See example of the fetchData-operation below and refer to the WSDL/XSD for more details about the various operation

See https://voxb.addi.dk/ for an overview of versions of the service.

License Terms

The web service is published under the GPLv3 license.