Source code

This section provides an overview of the open source software DBC is developing.

DBC provide back end systems and middleware software for reuse under the same conditions as for our web service software.

Part of our backend systems and middleware software are not published.

As soon as procedures and best practice for the publishing all of our software in an open source environment are established, we will provide open access to DBC's repository.

Until this is in place we ask you to contact us regarding delivery, whereafter we will establish an access in accordance with your request.


Various projects are published through DBC' GitHub-repository:

Open Search

Open Search is a framework and an application for storage, indexing and refinding of content and metadata.

opensearch wiki describes in details goals and implementations

opensearch bugzilla tracks requests to API and webservices

Data well

You may look through the source code here.

Web services

On top of the Open search data store is a set of web services used to expose the data for UI's

You can browse the source code from here.

You will find links to WSDLs and access points for the web services here.


Last updated

October 2, 2015