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68973 1803d 00h kwc /trunk/ fixing error in hasReview - missing ANM before PID
68646 1811d 21h kwc /trunk/ hasReview should not match 150014
68645 1811d 21h kwc /trunk/ changed skipUnchanged to false for 831020
68644 1811d 21h kwc /trunk/ added workflow for 831020
64538 1884d 04h kwc /trunk/ removed comments
64537 1884d 04h kwc /trunk/ updated hasFilmstribenFSSOnlineAccess
64535 1884d 05h kwc /trunk/ updated hasFilmstribenFSSOnlineAccess to make hasOnlineAccess based on dc identifier which should now only contain urls from filmcentralen
63070 1940d 01h kwc /trunk/ moved counter
63053 1940d 03h kwc /trunk/ added optional space after NOBIRTH in query for isDescriptionFromPublisherOf
63001 1944d 05h kwc /trunk/ [15750] changing search query in isDescriptionFromPublisherOf to remove double blank
62970 1945d 01h kwc /trunk/ fixing a problem with more than one dc:identifier in relation search in hasReview
62967 1945d 01h kwc /trunk/ changed all skipUnchanged to false
62445 1958d 01h kwc /trunk/ trying to fix problem with search on words streaming and download
62009 1967d 02h kwc /trunk/ changed hasOnlineAccess for ekurser and turteori from d08 to 501
61785 1972d 07h kwc /trunk/ added comment about turteori
61782 1972d 08h kwc /trunk/ added hasOnlineAccess for turteori 150053
61730 1974d 02h kwc /trunk/ working on hasOnlineAccess for 150052
61728 1974d 02h kwc /trunk/ working on hasOnlineAccess for 150052
61727 1974d 02h kwc /trunk/ working on hasOnlineAccess for 150052
61724 1974d 03h kwc /trunk/ working on hasOnlineAccess for 150052

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