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Rev Age Author Path Log message
56477 2583d 22h fvs /OpenAgency/ showinfo section
56476 2583d 22h fvs /OpenAgency/ removed show_info. Functionality moved to the abstract webserver
56298 2585d 23h fvs /OpenAgency/ agencyId in findLibraryResponse->pickupAgency
56297 2585d 23h fvs /OpenAgency/ agencyId in findLibraryResponse
56042 2591d 23h fvs /OpenAgency/ added librarydkSupportEmail and librarydkSupportPhone in pickupAgency (findLibraryResponse and pickupAgencyListResponse)
56040 2591d 23h fvs /OpenAgency/ opening ver 2.2
53509 2629d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ rev 53508
53508 2629d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ ver 2.1
53253 2634d 19h fvs /OpenAgency/ pickupAgencyList: added branchDomains section cotaining the branch domain(s)
53232 2634d 21h fvs /OpenAgency/ illOrderReceiptText in pickupAgency (in findLibraryResponse and pickupAgencyListResponse)
53228 2634d 21h fvs /OpenAgency/ illOrderReceiptText in pickupAgency
51688 2687d 23h fvs /OpenAgency/ service:userOrderParameters:agencyParameters from bib_vsn for branches
51658 2688d 22h fvs /OpenAgency/ bunfix in automation
51537 2690d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ agencyName in pickupAgency
51536 2690d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ agencyName in findLibraryResponse->pickupAgency
51535 2690d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ version 2.1
50059 2709d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ rev 50058
50058 2709d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ ver 2.0
50057 2709d 01h fvs /OpenAgency/ 2.0
49897 2711d 19h fvs /OpenAgency/ null -> NULL

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