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56576 2577d 03h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ 'expectedDelivery', 'providerAnswerDate' as xs:date
55949 2591d 04h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ open version 2.1
use proximity for multi-term searches
54531 2612d 09h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ rev 54530
54530 2612d 09h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ ver 2.0
52575 2652d 03h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ lastRelevantModification to lastModification
52573 2652d 03h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ lastModification in request and answer
52123 2674d 04h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ lastRelevantModification
52121 2674d 05h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ lastRelevantModification
52120 2674d 05h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ added lastRelevantModification
changed creationDate to xs:date
49841 2710d 03h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ authenticate to FORS-product
49840 2710d 03h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ use authentication
47926 2755d 04h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ findManuallyFinishedIllOrders: missing AND if providerOrderState or requesterOrderState
M server.php
47187 2771d 04h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ output from solr as arrays as well in extract_fields()
46678 2785d 11h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ normalize and escape solr meta-characters
45151 2846d 10h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ tidy
45148 2846d 10h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ removed obsolete code
45140 2846d 10h fvs /OpenFindOrder/
45139 2846d 10h fvs /OpenFindOrder/
45138 2846d 10h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ all functions now use Solr instead of oci
41421 2850d 04h fvs /OpenFindOrder/ moved lots of ops to solr-searches

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