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59665 2040d 01h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ rev 59664
59664 2040d 01h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ tag 1.1
59663 2040d 01h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ Change schema OID from 1.2.840.10003.13.7.2 to 1.2.840.10003.13.7.4
59662 2040d 01h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ reference to class_lib
57599 2108d 23h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ aaa-section
54591 2167d 23h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ removed bibliographicRecordAgencyId
54590 2167d 23h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ removed bibliographicRecordAgencyId
54484 2171d 23h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ Support for z3950-authentication
53180 2189d 16h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ array on pid when error
53179 2189d 17h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ mergePids
50014 2263d 22h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ rev 50013
50013 2263d 22h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ ver 1.0
50012 2263d 22h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ moved error_message
50011 2263d 22h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ ver 1.0
49692 2272d 00h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ localisationsResponse: added localIdentifier
49620 2273d 00h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ defensive code
49531 2276d 19h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ fors authentication as
49291 2280d 18h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ test for empty array
47460 2314d 23h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ added agency_server_information. Using openAgency to get zurl for holdings-request
47211 2326d 20h fvs /OpenHoldingStatus/ definsive code

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