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79353 1728d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ patch faust_8_test
79352 1728d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ faust_8_test
79304 1732d 02h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ patch bugfix in faust_8
79303 1732d 02h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ bugfix in faust_8
79026 1740d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ revision 79025.
79025 1740d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ tag 1.0
79024 1740d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ some doc
78474 1754d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ doxygen
78414 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ trackingId
78412 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ full request
78409 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
78408 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
78407 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ version 1.0. Support for "old" 8 digit faust sequences, new unlimited faust. oracle and postgress sequences.
78405 1756d 01h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ tag 1.0
78372 1756d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ faust_8
78371 1756d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ faust_8
78370 1756d 22h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ faust_8
77654 1773d 23h mib /OpenNumberRoll/ Tagging of externals to 77653
77653 1773d 23h mib /OpenNumberRoll/ Tagging version 0.4 - postgres version
77652 1773d 23h mib /OpenNumberRoll/ Database changed from oracle to postgres plus some minor cleanup

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