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39619 2912d 19h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
24847 3531d 18h ave /OpenNumberRoll/ added type="xs:string" to groupIdAut, passwordAut and userIdAut
24095 3580d 13h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ HowRU
9906 3613d 14h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ rev. 9905
9905 3613d 14h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ 0.2
9904 3613d 14h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ version 0.2
9728 3622d 21h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ catching oci exections
verbose as singleton
9682 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ revision 9681
9680 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
9679 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
9677 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ revision 9675
9675 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ version 0.1
9674 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
9673 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ soap envelope
9672 3626d 20h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ ip authentication
9670 3626d 21h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/ aaa section
9465 3634d 13h ave /OpenNumberRoll/ added authentication_error to errorTypes
8942 3648d 17h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/
8187 3688d 18h ave /OpenNumberRoll/ added authentication-elements
7292 3768d 14h fvs /OpenNumberRoll/

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