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56670 2577d 21h fvs /OpenOrder/ checkArticleDelivery
56641 2578d 01h fvs /OpenOrder/ checkArticleDelivery
56522 2583d 02h fvs /OpenOrder/ bugfix
56520 2583d 02h fvs /OpenOrder/
56519 2583d 02h fvs /OpenOrder/ serviceRequester
56515 2583d 02h fvs /OpenOrder/
56514 2583d 02h fvs /OpenOrder/ authentication is obligatory
56151 2589d 23h fvs /OpenOrder/ normalize_issn()
56146 2589d 23h fvs /OpenOrder/ remove "
56140 2590d 00h fvs /OpenOrder/ pid_to_issn
56082 2591d 04h fvs /OpenOrder/
56073 2591d 22h fvs /OpenOrder/ ver 2.3
56072 2591d 22h fvs /OpenOrder/ serviceRequester added to answer-, resend-, shipped-, updateOrder-request
56071 2591d 22h fvs /OpenOrder/ ver 2.3
53511 2629d 04h fvs /OpenOrder/ rev 53510
53510 2629d 04h fvs /OpenOrder/ ver 2.2
53219 2635d 01h fvs /OpenOrder/ ver 2.2 and incrementRedirectStat
51748 2683d 23h fvs /OpenOrder/ Added some verbose(ERROR ...
50007 2710d 03h fvs /OpenOrder/ rev 50005
50005 2710d 03h fvs /OpenOrder/ ver 2.1

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