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57601 2234d 03h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ aaa-section
36731 2691d 22h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ namespace reserved
29067 2990d 04h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ bugfix
29060 2990d 21h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ getSuppliers
29059 2990d 21h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
29057 2990d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ added operation: getSuppliers
29056 2990d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ added getSuppliersRequest/Response.
added errorType enum:"no suppliers found".
29054 2990d 23h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
29019 2992d 01h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ doc address
28986 2992d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ updated documentation
28788 3003d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
28408 3021d 23h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ soap-encoding ad local file
28407 3021d 23h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ patch
28406 3021d 23h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
28400 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ time validate
28399 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ rev 28398
28398 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ 1.0
28397 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ create tags
28396 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ error
28395 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ create tags
28394 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
28393 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
28391 3024d 20h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
28382 3025d 01h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ elementFormDefault="qualified"
28310 3027d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ updated from pricequery.wsdl
28250 3032d 04h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ responseTime
27498 3080d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ documentation updated
27497 3080d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ added supplier, supplierCount and timeOut to priceCheckRequest
27442 3082d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/
27441 3082d 23h ave /OpenPriceCheck/
27437 3082d 23h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
27434 3083d 00h ave /OpenPriceCheck/
27431 3083d 01h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ create proj
27430 3083d 01h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ create project
27429 3083d 01h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/
27428 3083d 01h fvs /OpenPriceCheck/ renamed
27252 3091d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/
27251 3091d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ extracted from
27250 3091d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/
27249 3091d 21h ave /OpenPriceCheck/ imported pricequery.xsd.added callback/outputType to request