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56614 2571d 13h fvs /OpenRuth/ proxy on all functions
56613 2571d 14h fvs /OpenRuth/ proxy on ALL functions
56493 2576d 13h fvs /OpenRuth/ rev 56492
56492 2576d 13h fvs /OpenRuth/ ver 1.2
56490 2576d 13h fvs /OpenRuth/
56489 2576d 13h fvs /OpenRuth/ showinfo
56488 2576d 14h fvs /OpenRuth/ removed show_info()
54674 2605d 17h fvs /OpenRuth/ ver 1.2
54673 2605d 17h fvs /OpenRuth/ proxy
54672 2605d 17h fvs /OpenRuth/ proxy
46476 2787d 15h ave /OpenRuth/ added rest-parameters for agencyList
46475 2787d 15h ave /OpenRuth/ corrected rest-parameters for agencyList
46474 2787d 15h ave /OpenRuth/ added rest-parameters for agencyList
46470 2787d 16h fvs /OpenRuth/ rev 46469
46469 2787d 16h fvs /OpenRuth/ ver 1.1
46467 2787d 16h fvs /OpenRuth/ agencyList
46450 2787d 20h slf /OpenRuth/ New entry: agencyList
45198 2838d 14h ave /OpenRuth/ updated documentation
45197 2838d 14h ave /OpenRuth/ renamed agency-operation to agencyList-operation
45195 2838d 15h ave /OpenRuth/ renamed agencyReq/Res to agencyListReq/Res

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