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57604 2204d 07h fvs /OpenScan/ aaa-section
45842 2473d 01h fvs /OpenScan/ reuse curl-connections to keep number of sockets as low as possible
41308 2507d 02h fvs /OpenScan/ no agency in ini-file
41307 2507d 02h fvs /OpenScan/ rev 41306
41306 2507d 02h fvs /OpenScan/ ver 2.1
41305 2507d 02h fvs /OpenScan/
41304 2507d 02h fvs /OpenScan/
38838 2603d 00h fvs /OpenScan/ edismax
35477 2725d 05h fvs /OpenScan/ error answer
35476 2725d 05h fvs /OpenScan/ error to xs:string and dropped errorType
35424 2729d 05h fvs /OpenScan/ bugs
35423 2729d 05h fvs /OpenScan/ use search_profile fra openagency
28412 2992d 01h ave /OpenScan/ added optional element repository to scanRequest
28141 3006d 00h pjo /OpenScan/
28131 3006d 01h pjo /OpenScan/
28083 3009d 06h pjo /OpenScan/ bugfix
26324 3097d 06h pjo /OpenScan/
25025 3174d 01h ave /OpenScan/ added documentation
24887 3187d 02h ave /OpenScan/ timeUsed type changed from integer to decimal
24789 3205d 03h pjo /OpenScan/ new tag(0.5)
24786 3205d 04h pjo /OpenScan/
24780 3205d 08h pjo /OpenScan/ openscan ver. 2 - with timeToWait and cql
24283 3223d 07h pjo /OpenScan/
24199 3229d 09h ave /OpenScan/ added agency, query, scanType, source and timeToWait to scanRequest + lastEntry and timeUsed to scanResponse + scanTypeType
22297 3250d 04h ave /OpenScan/ added errorType
9301 3296d 06h fvs /OpenScan/
9295 3296d 06h fvs /OpenScan/ outputTypeType
9294 3296d 06h fvs /OpenScan/ authentication
9293 3296d 06h fvs /OpenScan/ authentication
9292 3296d 06h fvs /OpenScan/ misc. authentication dump_timer howru
8674 3320d 06h fvs /OpenScan/ removed sitespecific info
8673 3320d 07h fvs /OpenScan/ iremoved sitespecific info
8607 3324d 08h fvs /OpenScan/ vers 1.5
8606 3324d 08h fvs /OpenScan/
8568 3325d 04h pjo /OpenScan/
8567 3325d 04h pjo /OpenScan/
8566 3325d 04h pjo /OpenScan/
8464 3330d 23h fvs /OpenScan/
8185 3345d 05h ave /OpenScan/ changed sequence of authentication-elements
8182 3345d 06h ave /OpenScan/ Added authentication-elements