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119599 249d 08h fvs /OpenSearch/ Add newer version that creates object before using them, thereby removing WARNINGS from the logfile
119598 249d 08h fvs /OpenSearch/ bug #21534: Handling curl-bug by used new curl handle for multi-curl-calls
117964 334d 14h ja7 /OpenSearch/ 5.0 And future development is moved to
117962 334d 14h ja7 /OpenSearch/ 5.0 And future development is moved to
117957 335d 10h fvs /OpenSearch/ undef vars
117955 335d 10h fvs /OpenSearch/ remove some Notices
117951 335d 10h fvs /OpenSearch/ undef and unset
117936 335d 12h fvs /OpenSearch/ externals as files
117935 335d 12h fvs /OpenSearch/ typo
117931 335d 12h fvs /OpenSearch/ version
117930 335d 12h fvs /OpenSearch/ update doc
117929 335d 13h fvs /OpenSearch/ Moving to github
117822 342d 13h fvs /OpenSearch/ change rev # for explain
117815 342d 13h fvs /OpenSearch/ version 5.0
117813 342d 13h fvs /OpenSearch/ revision on all externals
117203 362d 11h fvs /OpenSearch/ update externals
117202 362d 11h fvs /OpenSearch/ fetch explain.xsl from
117201 362d 11h fvs /OpenSearch/ update externals
117200 362d 11h fvs /OpenSearch/ update externals
117199 362d 11h fvs /OpenSearch/ Get explain.xsl from

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