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Rev Age Author Path Log message
57605 2256d 07h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ aaa-section
51643 2390d 06h slf /OpenSearchAdmin/ New version, using the new es_database_class
50233 2406d 00h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ docbook in updateObject
32556 2825d 02h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ rev 32554
32554 2825d 02h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 2.0
32553 2825d 02h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 2.0
32329 2834d 07h rlo /OpenSearchAdmin/ new DKABM
31766 2866d 04h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ Biblioteksvagten
30871 2910d 03h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ localIdentifier as xs:string
30854 2910d 04h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ rev 30853
30853 2910d 04h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 1.0
30852 2910d 04h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 1.0
30851 2910d 04h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 1.0, delete createRelation and deleteRelation, thmes not allowed in createObject and deleteObject
30763 2911d 07h rlo /OpenSearchAdmin/ one more invalid request removed
30762 2911d 07h rlo /OpenSearchAdmin/ invalid example requets removed
30562 2921d 05h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ typo
30561 2921d 05h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ html-entities
30560 2921d 05h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ rev 30559
30559 2921d 05h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/ ver 0.5
30558 2921d 06h fvs /OpenSearchAdmin/

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