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57608 2048d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/ aaa-section
24849 3032d 13h ave /OpenSpell/ added type="xs:string" to groupIdAut, passwordAut and userIdAut
22298 3094d 11h ave /OpenSpell/ added error (choice in spellResponse) and errorType
9300 3140d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/
9299 3140d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/ aaa
9298 3140d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/ authentication
9297 3140d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/
9296 3140d 14h fvs /OpenSpell/ authentication
8692 3164d 11h fvs /OpenSpell/ dump_timer: tracelog timer dump
8690 3164d 12h fvs /OpenSpell/ removed sitespecific info
8689 3164d 12h fvs /OpenSpell/
8688 3164d 12h fvs /OpenSpell/ forgot it
8686 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ OLS_class_lib at revision 8685.
8685 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ create tag 1.2
8683 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ correct version is 1.2
8682 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ language and filer parms - for future use
8681 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ ns1 to spell
8680 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ change ws_lib to OLS_class_lib
8679 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ version 1.3
8678 3164d 13h fvs /OpenSpell/ examples and info

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