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24850 2910d 08h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ added type="xs:string" to groupIdAut, passwordAut and userIdAut
9580 3008d 01h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ changed messageTypeType enumeration value orsReciept to orsReceipt
9463 3013d 04h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ added authentication_error to errorTypes
8932 3027d 09h fvs /OpenUpdateOrder/ rename ... wsdl as INSTALL file
8917 3027d 12h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ added documentation
8914 3028d 04h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ edited resendRequest, added messageType-element and messageTypeType
8766 3039d 08h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ added resend operation
8765 3039d 08h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ added resendRequest/Response and resent element
8284 3063d 04h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/
8283 3063d 05h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/
8273 3064d 03h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/
8272 3064d 05h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ import
8271 3064d 05h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ import
8270 3064d 05h ave /OpenUpdateOrder/ import