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116561 271d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ rev 116560
116560 271d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ tag 1.6.1
116559 271d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ handle agency/isil numbers and ignore missing UniqueUserId in CancelRequestItemResponse.
115700 317d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ rev 115699
115650 320d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ rev 115649.
115649 320d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ tag 1.6
115648 320d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ fiscalTransactionDate and fiscalTransactionType are not mandatory (
115058 348d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ revision 115057.
115057 348d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ tag 1.5
115055 348d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ US 2291: Add user information from NCIP answer
xsd: Add userName, userAddress, userPostalCode, userCountry, userMail to getUserStatusResponse
114780 367d 14h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ wsdl url
114763 368d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ typo uppper/lower case
114762 368d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ add xml for updateOrderĀ½
114760 368d 15h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ Add updateOrder to wsdl and ini file and correct rest parameters to correspond to the xsd
97231 890d 13h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ updateOrder and correct sequence in rest secion
95870 927d 11h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ Changed ncip_info_class - bug: 19783
95821 928d 10h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ rev 95820
95820 928d 10h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ tag 1.4.1
95819 928d 10h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ tag 1.4.1 from 1.4
95169 961d 12h fvs /OpenUserStatus/ rev 95168.

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