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93512 1332d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ tag 1.1
93511 1332d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ 1.1 info
93510 1332d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ dropped support for different wsdl-styles
93509 1332d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ removed line_settings and changed line.html to new style - dropped support for multiple styles
85985 1475d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ forgot this one
85984 1475d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ for new scheme using ?wsdl on service
85983 1475d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ tag 1.0
85982 1475d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ line_settings.php - copy from line_settings.php_TEMPLATE and correct content
handling services with static wsdl (using line.html) files and new scheme with ?wsdl (using line_settings.php)
25531 3201d 05h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ - type error
22345 3300d 05h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ ignore
8217 3397d 04h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ NEWS.html date used instead of version directory
8213 3397d 05h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ Better examples
8200 3397d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ reverse sort
8189 3397d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ reverse sort to put newest on top
8186 3397d 06h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ sort directories according to mtime
8051 3401d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ typo
8050 3401d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ more doc
8049 3401d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ templates for info and line
8048 3401d 03h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ added versions.php
7929 3411d 08h fvs /OpenVersionWrapper/ initial load

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