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71056 2042d 16h pjo /OpenVoxb/ Set endpoint for all testrequests
71055 2042d 17h pjo /OpenVoxb/ Try catch on latest- , highestRated-reviews
71054 2042d 17h pjo /OpenVoxb/ added highestRated request for example client
71053 2042d 17h pjo /OpenVoxb/ Added soapUI test
71052 2042d 17h pjo /OpenVoxb/ implemented highestRatedReviews method
70993 2043d 17h pjo /OpenVoxb/ institution id is an INTEGER
70978 2043d 19h pjo /OpenVoxb/ add institutionId to sample requests
70973 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ new version 1.3.1
70972 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ rewrite fetchData method
70970 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ min- and maxOccurs on institutionID
70969 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ class to handle communicatin with voxb_objects table
70968 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ removed private attribute
70966 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ removed TODO
70960 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ voxb_items class to handle communication with voxb_items table
70959 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ logger class in separate file
70958 2043d 20h pjo /OpenVoxb/ openXid in separate file
69839 2072d 17h ave /OpenVoxb/ insitutionId is now optional for fetchData (maybe this change should be applied to other methods aswell)
67739 2136d 15h mkr /OpenVoxb/ Added highestRatedReviews
65017 2162d 16h mkr /OpenVoxb/ removed type attribute
65016 2162d 16h mkr /OpenVoxb/ removed type attribute

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