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Rev Age Author Path Log message
75652 1443d 00h mib /OpenXId/ Correct version
75651 1443d 00h mib /OpenXId/
74209 1501d 19h mib /OpenXId/ Obsolete request removed
74208 1501d 19h mib /OpenXId/ Cleanup of obsolete functions, indent and reasonable timeouthandling
74207 1501d 19h mib /OpenXId/ Cleanup of obsolete functions, indent and reasonable timeouthandling
73912 1504d 18h mib /OpenXId/ public added
73852 1504d 22h mib /OpenXId/ Removed servername
73851 1504d 22h mib /OpenXId/ Removed servername
73755 1505d 18h mib /OpenXId/ Erstattet tabs med spaces
73736 1505d 20h mib /OpenXId/ Looks better if test setups are at the same place
73692 1508d 22h mib /OpenXId/ Testcases modified to new server
73662 1509d 18h mib /OpenXId/ Tagget externals with 73661
73661 1509d 18h mib /OpenXId/ New version based on Solr frozed
73639 1509d 22h mib /OpenXId/ The service is changed from using dbclibv3 to Solr.
73637 1509d 22h mib /OpenXId/ Obsolete directory removed
73636 1509d 22h mib /OpenXId/ Changed from dbclibv3 to solr so this is now obsolete
73554 1510d 23h mib /OpenXId/ isbn added
73553 1510d 23h mib /OpenXId/ Examples now cover a wider request/response
57611 1950d 00h fvs /OpenXId/ aaa-section
55831 1993d 23h slf /OpenXId/ Rolling back changes 55761 & 55762 - Vi skal alligevel ikke bruge OpenXid til OCLC
55762 1995d 13h slf /OpenXId/ Unit test now also knows oclc
55761 1995d 13h slf /OpenXId/ Adding oclc as a known type in openxid
55760 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55759 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55758 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55757 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55756 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55755 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Testing IS
55754 1995d 14h slf /OpenXId/ Still testing IS
55753 1995d 15h slf /OpenXId/ Testing the IS test
55752 1995d 15h slf /OpenXId/ Testing the test on IS
55751 1995d 15h slf /OpenXId/ Testing the test
55750 1995d 15h slf /OpenXId/ Brug ny unit test database: openxidtest
55749 1995d 16h slf /OpenXId/ Adding unit test
54807 2002d 21h slf /OpenXId/ Do not include make of scripts here...
46064 2211d 00h slf /OpenXId/ Freezing to r45851
46006 2212d 22h slf /OpenXId/ New patched version of Release 0.3
46004 2212d 22h slf /OpenXId/ Preparing a new pathced version of Release 0.3
46001 2212d 23h slf /OpenXId/ New patched release.0.3
45851 2218d 16h slf /OpenXId/ Bug: Now all logging will only occur in the log file, setup by the harvester