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120161 529d 09h pjo /class_lib/ use proxy if set in ini-file
120132 531d 04h fvs /class_lib/ add function get_timers()
120129 531d 07h fvs /class_lib/ php compatible array assign
120114 537d 03h fvs /class_lib/ json logging
120063 539d 02h fvs /class_lib/ send http error 503 on HowRU error
119243 591d 23h fvs /class_lib/ cleanup buffers on close()
119060 595d 05h fvs /class_lib/ Added get_request_priority and some refactoring
118997 600d 02h fvs /class_lib/ reuse tab
118899 602d 05h fvs /class_lib/ bug 21579: remove warnings when using of undefined objects
118558 624d 01h fvs /class_lib/ bugfix. Handling SkipCache correctly
118297 635d 04h fvs /class_lib/ formatting and doc
118294 635d 23h fvs /class_lib/ formatting and doc
118293 636d 00h fvs /class_lib/ formatting
118292 636d 00h fvs /class_lib/ formatting
118290 636d 00h fvs /class_lib/ format og doxygen
118259 636d 05h fvs /class_lib/ revert array setting to pre 5.4
118250 637d 00h fvs /class_lib/ php7, format and doxygen
118249 637d 00h fvs /class_lib/ formating and php7 and doxygen
118246 637d 01h fvs /class_lib/ format
118076 650d 00h fvs /class_lib/ BUGFIX: change timeout for duplicate_request_to milliseconds, since 0 (zero) means no timeout

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