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120161 356d 06h pjo /class_lib/ use proxy if set in ini-file
120132 358d 01h fvs /class_lib/ add function get_timers()
120129 358d 04h fvs /class_lib/ php compatible array assign
120114 364d 01h fvs /class_lib/ json logging
120063 366d 00h fvs /class_lib/ send http error 503 on HowRU error
119243 418d 20h fvs /class_lib/ cleanup buffers on close()
119060 422d 02h fvs /class_lib/ Added get_request_priority and some refactoring
118997 426d 23h fvs /class_lib/ reuse tab
118899 429d 03h fvs /class_lib/ bug 21579: remove warnings when using of undefined objects
118558 450d 23h fvs /class_lib/ bugfix. Handling SkipCache correctly
118297 462d 01h fvs /class_lib/ formatting and doc
118294 462d 20h fvs /class_lib/ formatting and doc
118293 462d 21h fvs /class_lib/ formatting
118292 462d 21h fvs /class_lib/ formatting
118290 462d 22h fvs /class_lib/ format og doxygen
118259 463d 02h fvs /class_lib/ revert array setting to pre 5.4
118250 463d 21h fvs /class_lib/ php7, format and doxygen
118249 463d 21h fvs /class_lib/ formating and php7 and doxygen
118246 463d 22h fvs /class_lib/ format
118076 476d 22h fvs /class_lib/ BUGFIX: change timeout for duplicate_request_to milliseconds, since 0 (zero) means no timeout
117954 490d 22h fvs /class_lib/ non empty
117950 490d 23h fvs /class_lib/ undef
117948 490d 23h fvs /class_lib/ undef vars
117947 490d 23h fvs /class_lib/ undef vars
117946 490d 23h fvs /class_lib/ undef var
117945 490d 23h fvs /class_lib/ undef vars
117944 491d 00h fvs /class_lib/ isset()
117943 491d 00h fvs /class_lib/ isset()
117942 491d 00h fvs /class_lib/ undef var
117941 491d 00h fvs /class_lib/ isset()
117592 504d 22h fvs /class_lib/ Do not populate with trackingId
117591 504d 22h fvs /class_lib/ Only make trackingId when set
117579 505d 00h pjo /class_lib/ fixed return type in comment
117232 517d 02h fvs /class_lib/ cache = SkipCache in url
116558 549d 00h fvs /class_lib/ Remove check for UniqueUserId in CancelRequestItemResponse
115749 590d 03h pjo /class_lib/ moved php://input thing
115735 590d 23h pjo /class_lib/ php 7 patch for webServiceServer_class::handle_request
115699 595d 02h fvs /class_lib/ add dummy data
115647 597d 23h fvs /class_lib/
Fake missing AccountDetails in UserFiscalAccount and add total fiscal value
115640 598d 03h pjo /class_lib/ fixed oci class bind_by_name for php 7