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56761 2563d 08h fvs /class_lib/ some doc
56760 2563d 08h fvs /class_lib/ fetch_rights_from_fors_rights_ws()
56758 2563d 08h fvs /class_lib/ refactor and code cleanup
56729 2564d 07h fvs /class_lib/ remove test bug
56728 2564d 07h fvs /class_lib/
56628 2565d 13h fvs /class_lib/ formatting
56627 2565d 13h fvs /class_lib/ bestMatch
56609 2566d 08h fvs /class_lib/ nearMatch
56532 2570d 10h hhl /class_lib/ deleted by hhl
56531 2570d 10h hhl /class_lib/ moved to trunk
56530 2570d 10h hhl /class_lib/ the for selenium tests
56521 2570d 12h fvs /class_lib/ Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated
56491 2571d 07h fvs /class_lib/ implode_ini_array()
56475 2571d 10h fvs /class_lib/ showinfo from ini-file section
56303 2573d 11h fvs /class_lib/ added () to ensure precedence
56233 2574d 09h fvs /class_lib/ bugfix
56165 2577d 08h fvs /class_lib/ initialize result
56114 2578d 07h fvs /class_lib/ bugfix
56110 2578d 07h fvs /class_lib/ bugfix
56108 2578d 08h fvs /class_lib/ set_default_namespace() - replace the NONE-construction in xmlns

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