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119750 724d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/tags/2.34/server.php US #IS-2356: library_rule: New enum for cataloging_template_set: m21_udland
119237 757d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/tags/2.34/server.php 2.34.patch.3
bugfix: search profiles with only deleted sources, failed to set correct profileName
118669 786d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/tags/2.34/server.php Bugfix: agencySubdivision (bus holdeplads) only set the last value.
118591 787d 10h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/tags/2.34/server.php fbslokal
117239 855d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/tags/2.34/server.php tag 2.34
117238 855d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php showOrder and requestOrder bugfix. Libraries having both records and being a sublibrary, got "duplicated" lists
115094 962d 07h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php Bugz 21095: skip deleted culr profiles
114129 1012d 07h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php US 2261: Ny funktion (bobTexts) der udleverer BOB-standardsvar
113910 1019d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php domainList handle cidr interval
113767 1025d 02h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php New operation ipDomain
112847 1061d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php US 2169: CULR/VIP Foenkling af profilh√•ndtering
US 2169: Each library can only have one culr profile
xsd: remove all boolean switches from getCulrProfileResponse
ini, xsd: remove profileName and requesterIp from getCulrProfile
111515 1103d 03h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php US 2136; Handle iso18626 correct for orsRecall, orsRenew, orsCancel and orsStatusRequest when library is closed
111500 1103d 06h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php US 1917: Adding Other as libraryType in request using libraryType
111261 1109d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php bugfix
109671 1149d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php Added lokbib and ffu as library_rule values for cataloging_template_set
109350 1159d 03h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php timers
109109 1163d 09h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php linting
109075 1164d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php US 2053: Spec typo
US 2055: fetch more than one value for each rules
109052 1164d 07h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php refactor
109047 1164d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenAgency/trunk/server.php Add dbc as enum to cataloging_template_set

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