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119394 751d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/tags/3.0/NEWS.html 3.0 patch 1
bugfix 21588: Fix duplicating last entry
119116 759d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/tags/3.0/NEWS.html version 3.0
119111 759d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html bug 21588
bump to version 3.0
Added role as parameter
refactor some openagency and settings for that
115861 921d 11h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html Bugz 21329: Revert multivolumne stripping from localisations end point
115821 925d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html Bugz 21329: multivolume pids are stripped volume information (__ and data after)
114979 970d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html Clear post from curl structure
82878 1838d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html version 2.2
82472 1846d 03h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html version 2.1
US 1475: ORS: OpenHoldingStatus skal bruge REGA til at lave iso20775-opslag
iso29775 requests routed through iso20775-server (REGA)
ini: iso20775_server
ini: removed iso20775_parameters
80647 1892d 07h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html expectedDeliverydate as xs:date
80216 1908d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html version 2.0
80211 1908d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html US 1378: Mulighed for at servicen returnerer "detailed holdings information" i sit response
80203 1908d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html US 1378: Mulighed for at servicen returnerer "detailed holdings information" i sit response
78364 1979d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html localHoldingsId and note in responder in holdgingsResponse: added minOccurs="0"
78303 1982d 05h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html ini: iso20775_parameters - parameters for iso20775 sru search - US 1311
support for iso20775 holdings - US 1311
US 1311: OpenHoldingStatus: OpenHoldingStatus skal samarbejde med iso20775-service om holdings fra iso20775-biblioteker
71193 2167d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html opening 1.2
59663 2473d 10h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html Change schema OID from 1.2.840.10003.13.7.2 to 1.2.840.10003.13.7.4
54591 2601d 09h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html removed bibliographicRecordAgencyId
54484 2605d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html Support for z3950-authentication
50011 2697d 07h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html ver 1.0
49692 2705d 09h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/OpenHoldingStatus/trunk/NEWS.html localisationsResponse: added localIdentifier

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