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120114 711d 13h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php json logging
119243 766d 09h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php cleanup buffers on close()
118290 810d 10h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php format og doxygen
108409 1186d 14h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php For at undgå NOtice
100104 1425d 10h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php Use __construct on class constructor
100087 1425d 13h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php intval on ressources
100077 1425d 16h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php intval on curl ressource
95318 1580d 10h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php ny weekcode
87714 1722d 16h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php ingen ændringer
85253 1790d 11h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php functions set_post_application_xml() and set_post_with_header() to handle other Content-Type and charset
82192 1861d 12h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/curl_class.php HHL: kom via grafisk grænseflade til at slette dette bibliotek. Har nu genetableret det.
82190 1861d 12h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunknew/curl_class.php all