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120114 711d 14h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php json logging
119060 769d 16h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php Added get_request_priority and some refactoring
118259 810d 16h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php revert array setting to pre 5.4
118250 811d 11h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php php7, format and doxygen
117947 838d 13h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php undef vars
112846 1070d 11h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php fatal error if caching fails
108826 1176d 16h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php default to search profile version 3
104354 1292d 16h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php Added get_libraries_by_rule()
97699 1495d 11h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/open_agency_v2_class.php replaces open_agency_class, search_profile_class, show_priority_class and agency_type_class