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118297 248d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/xmlconvert_class.php formatting and doc
102682 797d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/xmlconvert_class.php bugfix. Wrong usage of new
100082 864d 08h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/xmlconvert_class.php new on objects
94543 1042d 04h fvs /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/xmlconvert_class.php define object before use
82192 1300d 06h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunk/xmlconvert_class.php HHL: kom via grafisk gr├Žnseflade til at slette dette bibliotek. Har nu genetableret det.
82190 1300d 06h hhl /php/OpenLibrary/class_lib/trunknew/xmlconvert_class.php all